Marlborough Engineering's Aerospace Sector

Marlborough Engineering are a market leader in Aerospace solutions and produces manufactured parts in various materials and finishes and provides them to the Aerospace market worldwide. In recent years Marlborough Engineering has become more engrossed in the Aerospace Industry with customers like Bombardier Aerospace, Spirit Aerosystems, Electroimpact etc using our services with great success. Our services have branched out over 3 main types of work: Direct parts, Static Jigs and automated Jigs.

Marlborough Engineering had, for many years, a small area of business in the fabrication of small structures for a variety of local customers and applications. It wasn’t a focus for the company. However, in 2006 the company decided to diversify into high quality fabrication of medium sized structures to complement and expand on the existing precision machining business. The company targeted and was successful in delivering waiting shelters and other train platform furniture to a number of high profile transport infrastructure projects for Northern Ireland Railways and Irish Rail. However, when public funding cuts began to bite and purchasing policy down south began to look more towards domestic supply, this area of work reduced relatively rapidly and we had to broaden our market outlook. A strategic review in 2009, identified two key strengths in Marlborough beyond the core focus on quality and customer service, which has been the hallmark of the company from its founding. And now Marlborough are a strength in the Aerospace industry


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