Direct Components

Marlborough Engineering supplies precision metal components to a diverse set of applications, and one of these applications is the Aerospace Industry.

Marlborough machines the direct components with our fully equipped CNC shop with our 3 to 5 axis machinery helping to support turning and manual machinery to produce high quality parts. The inspection is also carried out on site through the CMM machine . The company routinely machines Aluminium, Stainless Steel 15-5 PH & 17-4 PH, Copper, Brass, Invar, Titanium and Mild Steel.Components are manufactured to micron accuracy in sizes from millimetres to metres. Components can be supplied hardened, anodised, painted or stenciled.This allows Marlborough to produce excellent quality products to industry standard in almost an shape or form.

Marlborough is an accredited supplier to the Aerospace Industry, and we look to further the sector of the business through investment and acquisition of work. The business will come from home and abroad and will coincide with all sectors of our business as there will grow in tandem.