Machine Capacity

 Marlborough Engineering has a variety of Machinery that enables us to produce high quality produce in an array of materials and in an assortment of Finish and specifications. Marlborough carries the following machinery:



2 HAAS UMC-750 5-Axis with 12,000 rpm spindle & 40 tools

X - Travel 762mm Y - Travel 508mm Z - Travel 508mm



1 Haas CNC VF9

X - Travel 2134mm Y – Travel 1016mm Z – Travel 762mm


1 Haas CNC VF3 with 40 carousel tool changer

X - Travel 1016mm Y – Travel 508mm Z – Travel 635mm


2 Haas CNC VF3

X - Travel 1016mm Y – Travel 508mm Z – Travel 635mm


3 Haas CNC VF-3SS Superspeed

X - Travel 1016mm Y – Travel 508mm Z – Travel 635mm


1 Haas CNC VF4 Superspeed (12,000 rpm) with 4th Axis

X - Travel 1270mm Y – Travel 508mm Z – Travel 635mm


4 Haas CNC Mini-mill

X - Travel 406mm Y - Travel 305mm Z - Travel 254mm


1 Micron Vertical Machining Centre VCE750 with 20-station toolchanger

and 4th Axis

X - Travel 750mm Y - Travel 400mm Z - Travel 500mm



1 Haas ST-30Y Turn-Mill

Maximum cutting capacity of 457 x 584 mm

101 mm of Y-axis travel (±50.8 mm from the centreline) for off-centre

milling, drilling, and tapping, with high-torque live tooling and a servodriven

C-Axis for versatile 4-axis capability.

10" hydraulic 3-jaw chuck & 12-station bolt-on style tool turret.


1 Haas ST-20T Turning Centre with 12-station tool-changer.

Maximum cutting capacity of 15" x 20.5" (381 x 521 mm)

Chuck capacity – 8.3” (210mm)


1 Colchester Tornado C.N.C. 300 with 12-station tool-changer.

Maximum machining diameter - 300mm

Chuck capacity - 265mm X - 240mm Y - 500mm


1 Colchester Tornado C.N.C. 200 Model

Maximum machining diameter - 200mm


1 Cincinnati Hawk C.N.C. TC150



1 Resato Waterjet Cutting Machine, type R-LCM 2040-2

Cutting Area 2 x 4 metres

2 cutting heads

Up to a speed of 12,000 mm/min


Mild Steel up to 200mm

Aluminium up to 200mm

Stainless Steel up to 88mm

Toughened Glass up to 30mm

Other materials cut: Nylon, Titanium &

Composites (Carbon Fibre)



1 KERF RUR 2500 Plasma Cutting Machine

Cutting Area 2 x 4 metres

Up to a speed of

12,000 mm/min

Plasma cutting is suitable for various materials particularly mild steels and

stainless steels producing an excellent edge finish.

Enhancements to the control systems now mean that optimum cutting

performance for a range of materials and thicknesses from 1mm to 50mm

can be achieved.



Surface Grinders:

Jones & Shipman Model 540 Capacity 6” x 18”

Centre Lathes:

2 Up to Maximum Capacity: - 17”/433mm Swing over bed, 2.5 Metre length.

All Machines fitted with Mitutoyo digital read-out.

Vertical Milling Machines:

5 Up to Maximum Capacity

X - Travel 1050mm

Y - Travel 315mm

Z - Travel 500mm


Capstan Lathes Turning:

4 Herbert 2D - Up to Maximum Capacity: - 1 5/8” diameter / 41.25mm

Herbert No.4 - Up to Maximum Capacity: - 10” Chuck / 250mm

Excel - Up to Maximum Capacity: - 4” Chuck / 100mm

Pinacho - Up to Maximum Capacity: - 4” Chuck / 100mm

Pedestal Drilling Machines:

3 Up to Maximum Capacity: - 1 ¼ “diameter / 31.75mm


Tapping Machines:

1 Horizontal & 1 Vertical; Up to Maximum Capacity: - ½” Thread / M12

Iron Working Machine:

1 Kingsland hydraulic Steelworker

Model 85XS, Punching, shearing, angle cutting, section cutting &




5 Murex Tradesmig 235 Welding Apparatus


Horizontal Bandsaws:

1 Jupiter Standard computerised automatic horizontal bandsaw

Up to Maximum Capacity: - 240mm diameter

1 Computerised Horizontal Bandsaw

Up to Maximum Capacity: -

10” diameter / 250mm


Vertical Bandsaw:

Up to Maximum Capacity: -

Table - 21” x 21” / 530mm x 530mm

Height - Z - 10” / 250mm

1 Guyson Bead blaster Formula 1400 Model

1 Casadei Panel Saw

1 Dewalt Cut off saw



10 Tonne Lifting Capacity



Heat Treatment:

Carbolite Furnace

1200 degrees C Maximum Capacity: -

300mm x 250mm x 450mm deep

Carbolite Tempering Oven

750 degrees C Maximum Capacity: -

200mm x 200mm x 500mm deep.


Hardness Testing:

Avery Hardness Tester Model 6407 Measuring to

Rockwell scale

Calibrated Granite Surface Tables

All Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment is

calibrated to nationally recognized standards.

Other Services Offered

Fitting & Tool - Making.

Broaching up to 14mm Capacity



1 DEA Global Performance 9.20.8


Tesastar SM80 5 Degree Motorized

Indexable Probe Head

Renishaw TP20 Probe Module

PC-DMIS CAD DCC Measurement


Size 900 x 2000 x 800 mm

1 Leica Absolute Tracker AT401

Portable CMM allows extreme

precision over ultra large distances.

1 Romer Absolute Arm 7520

6-Axis ROMER Absolute Arm 75-Series

PC-DMIS CAD Measurement Software

2.0m measuring range



Machine Components